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On Saturday, February 11, I and four other students from years 3 and 4 attended the annual JVOMUN at the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt Gymnasium in Amersfoort. JVOMUN is a MUN event: a Model United Nations conference by and for politically interested students. It is one of the many MUN conferences held in the Netherlands and this year more than 150 students from a variety of schools attended. It was my first MUN and at the conference I represented the delegation of Venezuela in the Historical Development Committee, along with approximately 25 other students. Our debating subject was the ‘declaration to the right of development’ and during the course of the day we debated upon 2 declarations: Greece’s declaration and my declaration. I can proudly say that they were both a success!

I really enjoyed my time during JVOMUN. This experience helped me to develop my public speaking skills and taught me exactly how to be a good participant in a debate. Because the conference itself was not too big, it gave me the chance to become accommodated to the situation and learn the craft of the trade.  This made the conference a great learning experience. I think that this conference is perfect for students who just want to give debating a try and see if they are up to the challenge. It is definitely worth the one-hour train ride ;-)

Ana Wever, Class 3E


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