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Munish 2017

In the weekend of 3 to 5 November, a group of students participated in MUNISH - Model United Nations organised by the International School of the Hague.

At a Mun conference students are asked to represent a country and debate about certain issues, in the way that the UN would. There were many students between the ages 14 and 19 from many countries such as the Netherlands, the UK, the US, and many other places. 

During the sessions you talk about issues that the world faces today, so it can be very interesting to see what kind of different opinions you get on one subject. For instance, North Korea has very different feelings about a certain topic than maybe Belgium does. You could be talking about the environment, human rights, disarmament, and more. It all depends on what committee you end up in.

All in all there is a lot of public speaking involved, and it seems very overwhelming at first. But, at a certain point you get the hang of it and you can actively participate in the debates.

There is a huge social aspect to MUNs, because you try to find people who have researched the same topics you have and see if you can collaborate. You’ll probably end up with a few new friends at the end of it all.

It was a very interesting experience and you should definitely do it if you get the chance to!

Claire Talbott



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