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Pamun 2017

In the weekend of 1 to 3 December, a group of students from the 4th, 5th and 6th year of the Gymnasium Sorghvliet participated in PAMUN - a Model United Nations which was held in Maison de la Mutualité in Paris, France.

An MUN is an educational simulation of the United Nations in which students of ages 14-18 can show their speeching, debating and writing skills. This particular MUN was held in Paris and specifically for students of Sorghvliet who had some experience with other MUNs, since this MUN was not held in The Netherlands and therefore the debates were often of a higher level. This conference was attended by 20 different nationalities from all over the world, so in total about 800 motivated students, representing all of the countries in the United Nations.

On Thursday the 30th of November at 6:45AM we were expected at Den Haag central station. We took the Thalys to Paris Nord and spent the day exploring the beautiful city of Paris. We visited the Louvre museum and got a nice walk around the neighbourhoods of the city, visited a church and had a delicious lunch. The next day the PAMUN conference really began! During the committee sessions we discussed several issues the world faces today. These issues ranged from the question of the future of the EU to ensuring environmentally safe tourism. These committee sessions took place on Friday and Saturday, in which we created resolutions for the issues of our committees. On Sunday we had a so called General Assembly debate: a large debate with all of the students who participated in PAMUN. We discussed the issue of global warming, and because we were with so many people, the level of this debate was even higher.

This was truly an enriching and inspiring experience, because you get to know so many different people from different countries and it really improves your level of (formal) English regarding speeching, reading and writing. Not only is this conference educative, it is also a lot of fun and we would encourage everyone to participate in an MUN!

Madelein Grijmans and Dieuwertje de Bruijne (klas 5)


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